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Head of Planning, Partnership and Commercial Manager
(Salary: Negotiable)

Location: Bangkok

Our client is a leading no-frills carrier with the most significant number of domestic routes within Thailand. The airline is also planning on opening more destinations regionally. Based on the data from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the country expects tourism revenue to reach 80% of what it was before the pandemic.


As one of the major carriers here in the Kingdom, the airline expects to experience a boom in the tourist industry after the pandemic domestically and regionally and they are now looking for a Head of Planning, Partnership Manager to land a professional successful career with them.


  • Managing day to day planning to ensure the most efficiency and revenue generation to the company.

  • Building relationships with airports and third parties (regions, tourism bodies, etc.).

  • Assessing new markets based on strategic fit, financial potential, growth opportunity, risks, and possible entry points.

  • Determining and managing new routes and bases to add to the network.

  • Providing financial forecasts for potential new routes and bases.

  • Building and maintaining financial evaluation tools as required.

  • Working with all relevant party in commercial and operation to determine amendments to existing routes, frequencies, and airports.

  • Assessing competition in terms of strategic plans, seasonal developments in capacity and fares, analyzing strengths / weaknesses and recommending actions based on the risks and opportunities.

  • Assessing and interpreting market, economic and industry trends, and the impact on route choice.

  • Managing the base mix cost to ensure it does not exceed budgeted costs.


Schedule responsibilities:


  • Developing schedules which utilize crew manpower and aircraft efficiently and effectively.

  • Loading and managing flight capacity in the scheduling and flight operation systems e.g. Zulu and Merlot.

  • Building and managing relationships with slot co-coordinators across the network.

  • Securing and maintaining airport slots for future schedules.

  • Aligning and managing the communication and approval process between the scheduling and operational departments.

  • Coordinating data analysis with pricing, revenue management, sales, and marketing to improve revenue generation of different schedule scenarios.

  • Developing robust schedule tools to improve efficiency.

  • Managing IT system development projects related to scheduling, network & slot management.

  • Regulatory responsibilities:

  • Building and maintaining relationships with applicable CAAs.

  • Monitoring and negotiating bilateral agreements in relevant markets.

  • Securing route permits in a timely manner.

  • Managing Interline, Special Prorate, Codeshare and Staff Travel agreements within the organization, starting from negotiation process to final delivery of each project.

  • Developing and implementing network strategy which includes market analysis, schedule connectivity, identification of potential, additional passenger flow as per market data.

  • Managing, analyzing, and benchmarking the pricing within existing, future Interline, and Codeshare agreements.

  • Negotiating and implementing Interline, SPA, Codeshare rates with strategic airline partners to have the most competitive products in the set market which will generate incremental revenue within organization.

  • Coordinating and elaborate with Pricing and Revenue Management, and accounting team to protect revenue leakages which could result out of existing, future partnership and have smooth Interline and Codeshare settlement processes throughout the different distribution channels.

  • Evaluating existing and potential online and offline BSP markets which can contribute to increase in volumes of revenue through GDS (indirect) channels in connection with Interline partners for offline markets.

  • Actively participate, support and coordinate organizations set IT, commercial initiatives, projects in the field of Codeshare and Interline.

  • Monitoring, coordinating, developing, and negotiating partnership strategies within existing Interline and Codeshare partners which includes timely review, evaluation, and extension of terms set in agreements.

  • Developing and provide monthly and weekly reports to monitor trends and pricing activity performance by providing constant feedback.

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