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Head of Marketing and Analytic (Salary: Negotiable)

Location Bangkok

Role and Responsibility:

  • Cloud Platform: & BI Enablement: Partner with the tech organization to develop a unified cloud data platform. Responsibilities include leading the entire Department Store (DS) project management to develop a data warehouse which will support DS use cases. Track and manage costs to DS in the project rollout

  • Team Training: Manage training of the teams to be able to effectively use Power BI enabled dashboards and Qualtrics enabled systems (dashboards and Close the Feedback Loop)

  • Track data usage within the organization, assisting functional heads to understand reporting usage and areas of improvement

  • Commercial ROI Analysis: Strengthen store-wide campaign analysis and understand per-campaign usage of discounts to improve both sales and profitability

  • Partner with marketing campaign and media teams to develop tests which drive incremental performance. Consult on proper testing methodology, ensuring proper hypothesis are created, clear assumptions made, measurement methodologies are sound.

  • Collaborate with CXM team to drive the rollout of the Qualtrics program within Store and Ecommerce teams, tracking usage of the system by the teams

  • Own reporting to management of overall customer satisfaction levels, highlighting areas of potential improvement, driving planning within the functional teams to improve CX results.

  • MMM: Drive marketing mix modelling initiatives within media teams to hit optimal budgets for offline and digital media

  • Google/Facebook Store Measurement: Build organization’s capabilities to increase digital media measurement from store CRM data

  • Facebook Collaborative Ads: Ally with brands to apply their ad spend in support of store marketing activities, with store sales measurement from CRM data

  • Discount Effectiveness Project: Manage machine learning based discount analysis program, coordinating with marketing, merchandising and store resources to roll out testing based on learnings from program


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