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Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Salary + Insurance + Provident Fund


Location Bangkok


Role and Responsibility:

  • Oversee the plan, development, and implementation of digital products and other online platforms as well as marketplace strategies

  • Drive the business of digital mall function with focus on business performance of the key elements in the areas of growth commerce, campaign, digital merchandiser, sales promotion, and E-Commerce operations

  • Develop E-Commerce strategies, device action plan, and oversee execution process

  • Understand the value drivers of S/E-commerce program and identifying profitable commercial opportunities to grow

  • Work closely with product team to give feedback from tenant and partner to enhance product and process

  • Oversee and monitor business development approach in identifying and presenting new technologies options to clients as well as building a project pipeline for new business model

  • Manage the overview picture of campaign strategies and execution aligning with the business needs in terms of concept & mechanic, key message, stakeholder management, UX/UI management, and communication effectiveness

  • Oversee and monitor E-Commerce operation and ordering transaction effectiveness to best contribute to the business target and objectives

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